Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat [kaˈlaːɬit ˈnunaːt]; Danish: Grønland [ˈɡ̊ʁɶnˌlanˀ]) is an autonomous country within the Danish Realm, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though physiographically a part of the continent of North America, Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe (specifically Norway and Denmark, the colonial powers, as well as the nearby island of Iceland) for more than a millennium. In 2008, the people of Greenland passed a referendum supporting greater autonomy; 75% of votes cast were in favour. Greenland is the world's largest island, over three-quarters of which is covered by the only permanent ice sheet outside of Antarctica. With a population of about 56,480 (2013), it is the least densely populated country in the world.

Greenland has been inhabited off and on for at least the last 4,500 years by Arctic peoples whose forebears migrated there from what is now Canada.Norsemen settled the uninhabited southern part of Greenland beginning in the 10th century, and Inuit peoples arrived in the 13th century. The Norse colonies disappeared in the late 15th century. In the early 18th century, Scandinavia and Greenland came back into contact with each other, and Denmark-Norway affirmed sovereignty over the island.

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Gemma Collins and an ‘all-consuming silence’ among BBC Christmas highlights

Belfast Telegraph 25 Nov 2019
The broadcaster has unveiled its offerings for BBC Radio and Sounds ... On BBC Radio 3, a Slow Radio walk will take place from the west coast of Greenland ... Author Horatio Clare experiences “the silence and brutal force of the elements,” over three programmes, bringing to life “Greenland’s dramatic colours, stunning wildlife and vast skies” in Greenland....

An utter slob: Wexford’s unique wildfowl reserve

The Irish Times 09 Nov 2019
But this habitat would not have been favourable to the Greenland white-fronted goose ... The conservation of the Greenland white-front, Europe’s rarest goose, is paramount on the North Slob ... Subsequent ringing and radio-tagging research has shown that the vast majority of Ireland’s wintering white-fronts breed in Greenland, stopping off in Iceland....

RTÉ announces a week of programmes on climate change

RTE 24 Oct 2019
RTÉ has announced a week of programming across TV, radio and online which will focus on the climate crisis with dedicated content to coincide with Science Week.  ... travels to the Arctic Circle and visits the western towns in Greenland most impacted by climate change....

Pop goes the Sheila Greenland Band

Hastings Tribune 23 Oct 2019
RED CLOUD — After nearly two decades of fashioning a career in country music, Arcadia resident Sheila Greenland was ready for a change ... Recorded in Nashville over the summer and released in late August, the song, which is getting extensive radio play on Nebraska stations, exhibits a pop sensibility Greenland has become enamored with in recent years....

World War II veteran from Queens to honor fellow service members in England

QNS 16 Oct 2019
11, the longtime North Shore Towers resident and former radio operator and backup gunner on the B-17 Flying Fortress will lay wreaths on cemetery plots at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial ... His training included Morse Code and radio and gun training before joining the 398th Bomb Group....

Welcome to the Greenlandic championship: Soccer at the edge of the world

The Irish Times 21 Sep 2019
The team has not been Greenland champion since 2007 ... “When I am out here,” he said, leaning back, his gun cocked, “there is nothing else.” With the boat rocking with the motion of the water, and a radio tuned to soft Greenlandic ballads he admitted he was pleased with how the week had gone, but he was pleased it would soon be over, too....

Column: This Is No Way For Us to Buy Out a Country

The Pilot 07 Sep 2019
While Donald Trump clumsily tries to buy Greenland and gets rebuffed, he also starts quoting a radio host who now calls him the “King of Israel” and “the second coming of God.” I have to say I expected better from Trump and God ... Greenland is not without value to us, but to launch an approach clumsily in the press is not a good start....

Let’s buy Greenland

The Kingstree News 28 Aug 2019
The President wants to buy Greenland ... Thule is in Greenland ... There are two reasons why I think buying Greenland would be a good idea ... He thought the interior of Greenland would be a good place to relocate the entire prison system of the United States. Most of the interior of Greenland is not inhabited ... That’s easy, we just radio over to Greenland....

Coyne: The recession, if it comes, will have Trump's fingerprints all over it

Democratic Underground 25 Aug 2019
In the past week alone Trump could be heard and seen refusing to visit Denmark because it would not let him buy Greenland, quoting with approval a right-wing radio host’s claim that Israelis love him as if he were “the second coming of God,” and proclaiming himself, in similarly ......

Andrew Coyne: The recession, it if comes, will have Trump's fingerprints all over it

Canada Dot Com 24 Aug 2019
In the past week alone Trump could be heard and seen refusing to visit Denmark because it would not let him buy Greenland, quoting with approval a right-wing radio host’s claim that Israelis love him as if he were “the second coming of God,” and proclaiming ......

OMG Trump Cancels Denmark!

Dissident Voice 21 Aug 2019
And an even stronger strategic cooperation between our countries is important for both Greenland and Denmark.” (My translation of her statement to the Danish Broadcasting (Danmarks Radio) quoted here). Danmarks Radio also reported that she finds such a much stronger cooperation with the US “unavoidable” and she herself ends her statement with this....

Discovery named with nod to science and culture

West Hawaii Today 18 Aug 2019
The telescope, which actually consists of nine radio telescopes located in Hawaii, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Arizona, South Pole and Greenland, acted in concert to obtain the image ... “These are sub-millimeter wavelength radio waves that form a light that makes up the glowing ring....

The Memo: Trump pushes back amid signs of economic slowdown

The Hill 18 Aug 2019
recessions — has recurred ... ADVERTISEMENT ... Then there was a Wall Street Journal report that Trump had expressed interest in purchasing Greenland. Asked about the troubling economic data, conservative radio host and Trump critic Charlie Sykes responded with a sarcastic laugh. “That’s why we need to buy Greenland, right? Think about that ... .......